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Before taking a swing you have to make sure you are pointing at the intended target correctly.  If you are aiming only 5 degrees to the left from 150 yards, you could miss the target by 30 yards which would add strokes to your game. Think about 2 simple lines, the body line and the target line which are parallel to each other. Each line consists of the following;

Your intended target is not always the centre of the fairway or the flag due to weather conditions such as wind. What if you are hitting the ball left to right that day, this is where you make adjustments to your alignment and move your target and body line to the left or right but always make sure that your BODY LINE and TARGET LINE are PARALLEL


The Body Line

Are your shoulders, hips, knees and feet which all point parallel to your target, they never point at your target. You may find that your front foot aims a touch left if you are right handed and a little right for lefties.   

 The Target Line

Points directly at your target when playing a straight shot. The face of your club creates a 90 degree angle to the target line. You follow the target line on your swing take away and follow through.