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Grip  – How to get the proper grip

Alignment  -How to align to your target.

Stance  – How wide should your stance be?

Posture & Balance– Why it is important and what you should feel

Ball Position– Where to place the ball in your stance and why.

Club Position– Why helps with better contact with the ball

Basic Rules

Basic Etiquette

Golf Terminology

Equipment– What clubs you can have and the choices you have.

Stretching – What to do before your round

Basic Rules- What you need to know.

Basic Etiquette – How to play the game properly and safely

Golf Terminology – Words you need to know

Attire and Shoes- What you should wear.

Chipping Fundamentals– What you need to do to suceed.

Pitching Fundamentals– How to set up to get the ball in the air

Using all your Clubs– Setting up to use the correct club for success

Easy Chip and Pitch Shot– Simple set up and what to do.

Bunker Fundamentals- Basics to get out of a bunker everytime.

Putting Fundamentals– Basics you need for the correct set up

Putting Drill #1 – How to make more 3 and 4 foot putts.

Putting Drill #2– Follow through drill

Putting Drill #3

How to line up your putter

Take Away– Where the club should be.

Follow Through– What it means and the importance.

Follow Through Drill– How to get a consistent folow through

Pre Shot Routine– What you should do before each shot.

Down Swing

Tempo and Speed

Tempo Drill

Course Management– How to think and play for better scores.

Uphill Lies– How to set up and hit that shot.

Side Hill Lies– How to set up and hit the shot.

Downhill Lies

How to hit from the rough

When to turn your back foot

How far from the ball  to stand

How to hit fairway bunker shots

Lifting Front Foot #1– Drill to add power to your swing from the ground.

Lifting Front Foot #2– Drill to keep your front foot down.

Topping the Ball 1

Topping the Ball 2

Reverse C

Lifting During Back Swing