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Ball Position

The positioning of the golf ball in your stance is an important aspect of a good set up.  The first reason is your clubs are different lengths, take a look and you will find that irons are 1/2” shorter in length from each other. The second reason is the ball has to be in different places in your stance to hit the ball properly according to the club you are using.  You need a starting point, so let’s start with the driver. The ball should be positioned at the inside heel of the front foot (See diagram 1)  and for each club down you move the ball back in your stance by 1/2” . The wedge should be placed in the centre of your stance (See diagram  2) and the 7 iron is placed 1 1/2” forward of centre (See diagram 3).  By using this guideline, you will find that your club will make better contact with the ball and your swing stays more consistent. An easy tool to practice this ball position is a ruler, place the ball at the 1” mark for the driver and move the ball back in your stance for each club back. The ball position should be part of your pre shot routine.    

Inside Front Heel (Driver)
Center of Stance (Wedge)
Between Front Heel and Center of Stance ( 7 iron)