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Chipping Fundamentals

If you follow these basic chipping fundamentals you will see strokes off your score.  The 5 points below are describing a bump & run shot which you use around the green and the ball stays low and rolls. If the shot is executed properly you should see the ball hit the green and check with little roll afterwards.

1) Alignment
Your feet should point approx. 45 degrees to the left of your target if you are right handed and right if you are left handed.

2) Knees Bent
Knees should be bent a little more than your regular stance due to the fact you are using a shorter club and need to stay down.

3) Hand Position
Hands should be forward of the ball, approx. over the inside of the front knee. This will close the face of the club keeping the ball low. Also choke down on the club about 2”, this will give you more control over the club.

4) Ball Position
The diagram shows the ball even with the back foot which is for your wedge. See using all your clubs article for positioning for other clubs.

5) Weight Distribution
Majority of your weight is over the front foot allowing very little body movement during the stroke.

Follow the above basic fundamentals and you will have more confidence around the greens and see the number of putts per round decrease.