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Follow Through

 Ever wanted that silky smooth follow through like Fred Couples or just hit the ball more consistently?  Well the following 5 factors in the proper follow through will help you do that.  The numbers on the photo match with the swing factor below.

1) Weight Distribution
Almost all your weight should be on your front foot when you have finished the swing. By having weight on the front foot it insures you have driven through the ball and helps with your balance.

2) Body Turn
The proper finish position would have your head, shoulders and hips  pointing at your target     

3) Back Foot Turn
By turning your back foot on the toe it allows your body turn to happen. Foot turn also allows for a much more relaxed swing and less pressure on the lower back.

4) Relaxed knee
The back knee should be bent slightly as this will tell you if you are coming up on impact and hitting the ball thin. The amount the knee is bent is determined by the width of your stance.

5) Club Position
When the swing is finished your club should be roughly a 90 degree angle to your spine angle. Also wrapped around your head which will pull your shoulders around to the target.

When you put all the above factors in your swing, you will find that the follow through is relaxed and your shot direction becomes more consistent.  By using the above fundamentals your body will allow you to enjoy playing golf.