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Pitching Fundamentals

 Ever had a bunker between you and the hole or water to cross over, well the pitch shot is the shot you need.  When you hit the shot correctly the ball should go high in the air and land soft on the green with very little roll.  The club you should use is either the sand wedge (56 degree) or lob wedge (60 degree). Follow the following fundamentals:

1. Ball Position
Place the ball forward in your stance (inside front heel) which opens the face of the wedge allowing for more height on the shot.

2. Alignment
Your stance should be open.  Aim  slightly left of your target if right handed or right if left handed.

3. Stroke
A short back swing with a follow through.  You must accelerate through the ball on the follow  through or you will not get any distance.

4. Weight Distribution
Your weight should start slightly on the back foot and move forward during the stroke.

5. Hand Position
They start slightly behind the ball allowing for lofting of the club. Hands move forward during stroke.

6. Wrists
You will notice that the wrists don’t bend in the take away or follow through.

Think about sliding under the golf ball and allowing the loft of the club to lift the ball in the air. By lengthening your backswing determines the distance of the shot.  If you have this shot in your bag, your score will lower quickly.