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Putting Drill #1

How many times have you missed a 2, 3 or 4 foot putt because of not having the confidence to make it. This drill gives you the practice on making those putts plus it can be a game between your friends. Picture 1 shows 4 golf balls about 1 foot from the hole, the object is to make all 4 putts. If you don’t make all 4 putts, put the balls back 1 foot from the hole and start again. Once all 4 have been made, now move the balls back 6 inches to 1 ½ feet from the hole and make all 4 putts. Continue moving the ball 6 inches further away from the hole until you get to 4 feet. The reason you use 4 balls is each putt should be different, whether it is uphill, downhill, left to right or right to left and these are the types of situations you will see on the course. The other reason for the drill is that you have now hit 24 putts and you know the stroke to make each distance.  Now, you have confidence in your stroke!  This drill should save a couple of strokes each round.