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Putting Drill #2

       This drill is meant to fix the most common mistake made by the amateur golfer in the putting stroke (deceleration).  This means your putter slows down at impact which in turn leads to little or no follow through. Like any golf swing, you take the club back and drive through the ball with a complete finish.  The same is true with putting, follow  this drill below and you will find your putting stroke improves immediately.

1. Set up
Put the ball down on the green so you have a straight 4-5 foot putt, place a golf tee in the ground about 6 inches behind the back of your putter.  Now align to your target.

2. Take Away
When you take the swing back, “DON’T LET THE PUTTER HIT THE TEE”.  The speed you take the putter back should be the same as usual. Do not speed up your take away.

3. Follow Through
Once you have hit the ball, now follow  through to your target. You will notice from picture 2 to 3 that the follow through is approximately twice as long as the take away.  The speed of the follow through should be the same as the take away.