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Take Away

This part of your swing sets up the downswing and your ability to square up the club at impact. If you follow the fundamentals
below it will allow a better chance to hit the ball square and straight. You will also notice that both knees are bent and the torso
is at the same angle that it started at which will not allow you to top the ball.

1. Shaft Position- You can see in the picture that the shaft is parrell to the ground at the 9 o’clock position.

2. Club Head- The head of the club should be pointing straight up.

3. Weight Transfer – Your weight has transferred a little to your back foot, about  70% on the back foot.

4. Wrist- Both wrists are straight at this position.                 

5. Head- Your head has not moved up or sideways throughout the entire swing.

6. Hand Position- The hands are below the waist and in front of your body. Your top hand should be in the same position as if you were shaking some ones hand.