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After several years of playing golf on a weekly basis, I decided to enroll for lessons with Grant and this was one of the best decisions I ever made. I signed up for a month of unlimited lessons and in no time at all Grant identified areas that needed attention and we started to focus on those problem areas. Shortly after, I started to see significant improvement in my game and it was noticeable to those I played with. Grant’s golf knowledge is extensive and his teaching methods are very straightforward and easy to understand. I highly recommend any golfer wishing to improve their game, or even if you are just starting out with golf, to take lessons from Grant. Grant is an extremely good teaching professional who very quickly understands an individual’s ability and then provides simple solutions to work on. Thank you Grant and I am looking forward to more lessons with you this summer!

As a senior,70 years young,
I made the assumption that my golf performance would not improve because of the saying,”You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”
How wrong my thinking was!!!!!!
Before my golf game I remember the total experience of my lessons standing next to Grant as we focused on how to improve my swing. I would say that in the presence of watching Grant swing his club my mind saw up close and personal the best form to hit the ball. To this day before I hit the ball I can recall Grant’s stillness. This one experience changed my game forever.On the course that mental image keeps “my” body still. I would recommend lessons with Grant because he keeps the golf instruction aimed at your level!!!!!!!!!!!

Grant is an excellent instructor. relaxed, patient and friendly approach. Very focused on making the game enjoyable with his advice tailored to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Whatever your age or ability Grant will be able to help you improve y

Grant is excellent at working with your existing swing, he makes minor adjustments without changing your whole swing. This makes it much easier to make solid contact consistently.

Grant provides an outstanding golf instruction in a relaxed and comfortable atmophere…bottom line is he gets you to produce results! He made golf fun for me again. His ability to both verbally describe a concept and then physically reproduce it are unparalelled. My wife’s spent many thousands of dollars for me to be in intense instruction clinics…one weekend with Grant was all I needed!

As a senior, I do believe you can teach an old dog new tricks. Presently I am playing the best golf of my life thanks to Grant.Like any good teacher, his communications skills are excellent. He does not throw a lot of golfing technoblab at his students, and he is able to work with people of all ages and sexes from beginners to the advanced golfer. The personal recommendations and techniques he provides make sense, and they work! Grant never forgets your tendencies, and years later he can quickly correct any old bad habits that have reared their ugly heads.

“I have spent time on and of the golfcourse during USGTF´s Level Master Class. I see Grant as a very committed and engaged golfteacher and person. His interest and desire to develop and get better as a golfteacher all the time is very high. He is innovative and a good example for many golfteachers”

My golf lessons with Grant spawned immediate results with an improvement in ball flight and direction and a +2 score that I have not seen in many many years.

Hi all, I would like to take this time to endorse Grant both as a teacher and as a community member. Both my wife and I have taken lessons with Grant this past year and found his observations to improve my game beneficial and it help my wife, who is a beginner, to love the experience of playing golf with me. She now has an understanding of the game and the terminology. She can play the game and problem solve when her shots do not work the way they were supposed to. For myself I have greatly enhanced my short game as my second shot has been straightened out and I am now hitting the green with greater frequency.

As Co-Chair for Habitat for Humanity I approached Grant about helping with a fundraiser “Drive away Poverty” and Grant jumped aboard whole heartily. He not only volunteered his time he helped to plan the event. This was much appreciated and shows a generous community spirit.

I would recommend grant as a teacher of golf and as a person who cares about his community.