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Uphill Lies

When hitting an uphill shot, it doesn’t matter what your ability is, you must follow the basic fundamentals to hit the shot at your intended target. The basic fundamentals you must follow are:

1. Shoulder Tilt
You must tilt your shoulders so they are parallel to the ground you are standing on. If you keep your shoulders straight when you swing your club it will be driven into the ground. The best way to feel that your shoulders are on the correct angle is your spine should be straight .

2. Weight Distribution
Since the shot is uphill, your weight will be forced to the back foot so during the shot try to get your weight moving to the front side.

3. Alignment
Always aim right of your target !!! for right handers. The reason for this is your weight can,t go to the front so your hands will pull the club to the left making the ball go left.

4. Club Selection
You will get more height and less distance when hitting an uphill shot, so take an extra club to compensate. I would rather see a smooth swing using an extra club.

5. Swing
The swing is the same as on flat ground, the only aspect I would change is the back swing. Reduce the length of the take away so your shoulders maintain the correct angle.

Always remember, this is just another shot that you have to follow basic fundamentals. Like any shot or putt, you follow the basics you will succeed.