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Using all your Clubs

I have seen enough good golfers chip with a wedge when a 7 or 6 iron would be a better choice. When around the green the easiest way to shave valuable strokes off your score is to use different clubs. You will see more accuracy to your intended target and finish closer to the hole which will save putting strokes.  Keep this in mind, the less loft on the club, the more roll you will get and less height.  The information below will describe the changes in the basic chipping fundamentals when using different clubs.     



1. Wedges and Short Irons

Feet open about 45 degrees
Weight on the front foot
Hands over front knee
Ball position is even with back toe.


2. Mid Irons

When using 8, 7, 6, 5 irons the fundamentals change slightly:
Stance slightly open
Weight slightly over front foot
Hands forward of the ball
Ball position is between back toe and centre of stance


3. Long irons, Hybrids and woods

Using 3, 4 irons, hybrid or 3 wood, follow this set up:
Stance square to target
Weight even over both feet
Hands a little forward of ball
Ball in the centre of stance
Choke down on club and use a putting stroke